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QUALITY MADE 2 & 4wd Ride on Lawn tractor Mowers in ASHFIELD, Western Australia for sale

Garden & House

It is not often in the mower industry that you find a quality Ride on mower under $8,000 mark, Yet we have! Tractor mowers have their advantages in many applications they will prove to be a more affective mower than a zero due to their versatility. We do an extensive range of Zero and walk behind too, yet beware zero turn mowers have their limitations on properties.
Zeros are a parks and Gardens mower.
Ride ons such as these give the owner more uses from the one machine, incuding comfort, true block slashing decks, affective grass collection systems, 4 wd options, and the ability to easily remove the mowing deck and turn the tractor into a miny UTV or ATV that even supervised children can easily operate.
Latest You Tube Vids Filmed on location Baldivis WA this is the 4wd version, which we stock...
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Enjoy we had fun and the new owner is over the moon, We do have one Demo 4wd in stock.
I ask you to compare it to ANY ride on mower at this price point. This Tractor will not only make your lawns look like a bowling green yet at the quick change of a mowing deck you can be mowing the fire breaks in your paddocks or around trees in your orchard. Oh and did I mention that the optional catcher actually WORKS and collects wets grass and leaves.
This great Video is for Countax lawn tractors which is now Sold as Ariens. The video covers the 4wd model.
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The unique features
1- The 36" HGM High Grass mulch deck far exceeds anything on the market, Six hardened steel mulching blades cut multiple times, with the resulting mulch left on the ground to decompose. It obliterates grass. Designed for the rough and tall grass.
The blades are tough and the electronic clutch engage allows instant disengage when Rock are encountered. This is not like a Cox Mower, it well and truely exceeds that old design and gives you a true Slashing Mulching deck with a quick release option
2- XRD is a new generation cutter deck build, it is ideal for lawns such as Sir Walter or Buffalo, Unlike almost all other cutters available on the market, the XRD has three contra-rotating blades. This makes the deck highly efficient and it leaves almost no grass uncut. Clippings are thrown to the rear of the deck in to the path of the Powered Grass Collector. The Powered sweeper bagger, means that even wet grass can be cut and collected fully, with little risk of clogging. Leaves can be quickly cleared from the lawn simply by driving over them with the collector engaged. No more clogging chutes, weve trialed it on clip thats 20cm high and it picked it up
BOTH DECKS are insanely easy to clean, minimising the spread of weeds and rust of the deck due to clumping of grass.The two decks are inter changeable via a quck release mechanism, so you can go from mowing 6ft grass in a paddock to mancired lawns around the house in minutes, either deck is supplied with the Ride on, yet each deck is available as an option
A 3 years consumer protection Warranty
And their's MORE --------- 4WD OH yes, available in a 4wd hydro version and we have stock $12990
We do have a 4wd Demo Machine available for sale at a massive saving on retail, please call to enquire, it is available with either the mowing 48in or Slashing 36 in Decks
I am a private on seller for Mirco Brothers and work as their mowing specialist. I deal with PERSONAL clients one on one who need help in choosing the RIGHT machine.
Call Robert on o439 697 750 zero, four, three, nine - six,nine, seven, seven, five , zero and book a time today Im Available in Bassendean or Bibra lake.